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[lots of pen tapping can be heard, a little ink is spattered, and finally writing begins to appear in strong, slanted print]

I know I can speak into this journal, but writing sometimes helps me think. Getting things down on paper where I can see them laid out nice and neat.

I've been here for a while, and so far I think this place is really quite fantastic! I'm constantly finding Pez in my room, I suppose I've been wanting it without meaning to. This castle's very receptive to the desires of others, to all outward appearances...

But the one thing I really wanted is gone. I checked this morning: Miss Parker is gone.

She wasn't happy here, I know, and I hope she's happier back where she came from. Still, I do feel a little lonely. There were things I wanted to say and do, things I lost my chance at.


[audible sigh]

There's something gratifying, though, about the fact that I have no one but myself to blame. It's reminded me that I'm free here, where the Centre can't touch me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that in this place I can be whoever I want to be...including just me.

I'm really hoping that maybe here, I can find out who that is.
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[All he did was close his eyes for an instant. He didn't fall asleep, he didn't lose least he's pretty sure he didn't.

So when he opens his eyes and finds himself not in the dingy hotel room that is his latest lair, but in a richly appointed room, he does more than note his surroundings and mentally catalog the contents within eyeshot...he feels a true sense of fear for the first time since his recapture.

Rising from the bed slowly, he moves to the center of the room and starts looking for cameras as, unwittingly, he's recorded by the journal calling out to nothing.]

Hello?!...HELLO! Where am I, who did this?!?!


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