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Mar. 4th, 2006 07:30 pm
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Hello there, everybody…my name is Jarod. You’ll have to forgive me if I get anything wrong here, I’m new to this medium. Not the Internet in general, but this…recreational use of it. Still, I like this online journal idea…especially since it allows me to keep in close contact with certain individuals I don’t want to lose touch with…and still manage to maintain the secrecy of my location.

I’m sorry…I’m rambling, aren’t I? I tend to do that…I sort of get caught up in things. The whole world just *fascinates* me…

Anyway…I wish I could tell you more about myself, but I really can’t. I was abducted from my parents and exploited by a government corporation as a child raised in Blue Cove, Delaware. I never knew my family…but I’ve devoted myself to finding them, getting them back. I have one brother and one sister…Kyle and Emily. Kyle…I lost him a while ago. Emily…well, I guess you could say I lost her, too. When I’m not pursuing what’s left of my past, I help people where I can. I’m good at that.

Another thing you should know about me is that I’m not like other people. Some call me a Pretender…if you’ve ever heard the expression ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, then you have a better idea of what I am. Only I’m a jack *and* a master of all trades, you could say. It’s part intelligence, part emotion…call it empathy, if you will. Nothing supernatural…I just know people. How they work, how they think…how they feel.

Funny word to use for me, huh? I don’t really pretend anything…not anymore. I become what I want to be…a doctor, a musician, even a criminal. What I do…it’s no game.

Wow…I just discovered the most incredible thing. Did you know you can use punctuation marks to make little typewritten drawings of faces? Like this :D See? That’s a smiley face. So is this one :) and this one :}

This is something I want to play with a little bit more. ;) There’s another one! Isn’t that marvelous?

Oh, and by the way…if you should run into a dark haired woman…very attractive, very aggressive, and very bossy, her name is Miss Parker. She’s one of those people I told you about. Do me a favor…send her this for me, will you?


And also tell her Jarod sends his love.

Catch you all later. :-)

Gosh, that’s *fun*…


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