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[lots of pen tapping can be heard, a little ink is spattered, and finally writing begins to appear in strong, slanted print]

I know I can speak into this journal, but writing sometimes helps me think. Getting things down on paper where I can see them laid out nice and neat.

I've been here for a while, and so far I think this place is really quite fantastic! I'm constantly finding Pez in my room, I suppose I've been wanting it without meaning to. This castle's very receptive to the desires of others, to all outward appearances...

But the one thing I really wanted is gone. I checked this morning: Miss Parker is gone.

She wasn't happy here, I know, and I hope she's happier back where she came from. Still, I do feel a little lonely. There were things I wanted to say and do, things I lost my chance at.


[audible sigh]

There's something gratifying, though, about the fact that I have no one but myself to blame. It's reminded me that I'm free here, where the Centre can't touch me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that in this place I can be whoever I want to be...including just me.

I'm really hoping that maybe here, I can find out who that is.
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