Jul. 17th, 2006

pez_love: (Jarod Ice Cream)
The biggest secret I have is a hard one to bear. It hurts me, every day...but it also gives me hope.

I know where my father is.

I couldn’t find my parents before because I didn’t know them...I never met them. That’s why I can’t find my mother...I can’t become someone that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t exist to me.

But I’ve met my dad...I know him, I’ve *been* him. I know where he would go...where he *did* go after I was recaptured. For the sake of his safety, and of my clone, I won’t go into specifics...sorry, Miss Parker.

I know without a shadow of a doubt, though, that I’ll find them one day. When it’s safe...when I can finally find a moment’s rest running from the Centre...when the truth of everything is exposed and I can have a real home, I’ll go and find them. I dream about it, sometimes...seeing my dad, and my clone...kind of like a little brother, really. I mean, you can’t get much closer than that.

I dream about it all the time...but above all else, I dream of asking my father the one thing I never got a chance to before we were separated.

I want to ask my dad what my last name is...who I *really* am.

Muse: Jarod
Fandom: The Pretender
Words: 226


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