Jul. 6th, 2006

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I used to think that I knew a lot about sex, growing up at the Centre...I read all the biology manuals I was given, I understood the mechanics of reproduction...but that’s all I knew about: reproduction. Sex...it’s not *just* procreation. Sex is this entire concept that’s terrible and incredible at the same time.

I know all about reproduction...but I’ve only known what sex really was for a few years now. The first time it happened to me was with a girl named Nia...and it was a beautiful experience. Even before that, though, my first encounter with sexual chemistry came when I got my first kiss.

Believe it or not, it was Miss Parker who kissed me...in every sense of the word. I still remember exactly what it was like...that innocent press of her lips against mine. I remember she smelled good...something sweet and earthy at the same time. I wouldn’t learn until I finally escaped that it was flowers...that she smelled like flowers.

The warm thrill of that one kiss...it was, in some respects, good preparation for my later encounter with physical love. The night I was with Nia...it was an incredible experience. We were both lost in our own pain...hurting, aching, and lonely, and through that miracle of touch and taste and...just *being*...it drove the pain back. It lit up the darkness and made everything warm again.

Like that first kiss, it illuminated corners of my world...of *myself* that had been dark for far too long. I think that’s what sex is...it’s a light in the dark. It’s something good and beautiful, and it upsets and confuses me when I see how so many people in the world warp it and twist it into something that’s ugly or shameful. *Life* comes from this act, this event that brings more than just pleasure...it brings comfort.

Sex is a good thing...one of the best things, I think. And anyone that says any different obviously has never experienced just what it’s really all about.

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