Apr. 13th, 2006

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It makes me sad, sometimes...looking at the way the world works and realizing how many people don’t like their families. They dream about getting away from them, leaving behind their own flesh and blood to do other things...some good, some bad. Still, there’s this deep-seated need to *escape* from their families.

The only real dream I’ve ever had has been to find mine.

You want to know what my family means to me? It means everything...it’s meant more than that since I saw my mother...I didn’t get to meet her, to touch her or hold her but I *saw* her. Alive. And I saw my sister, too...she’s so beautiful, just perfect...

I love my family. So much so, I’d willingly give anything for them...including the truth.

I know that somewhere, my mother and sister are alive...and I know now that even though Kyle’s truly dead, a little piece of him is still alive in a young boy...the good my brother did will literally last a lifetime.

My family’s my salvation...no matter what else happens, I’ll be able to survive now. The Centre stole my life, but they can’t steal the ‘I love you’ my mother screamed before she got back into that cab in Boston. They can’t change the fact that when I was in trouble, my little brother came for me. They may have hurt him, but he and I still loved each other, just like brothers should.

My family is who I am...a son, a big brother, a man and not a machine.

They wanted a human computer...instead, The Centre made me a monster worse than Kyle ever could have tried to be. I’m unstoppable...I can do anything now, because at the end of the day, I know my family loves me.

And if I got caught tomorrow, The Centre could never hope to take that away from me.

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